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Externe Partijen

External Parties

A platform in which external parties can see and check their tasks online.

The possibility to see the assigned tasks that have to be checked off today by the cleaning crew whenever you want, every time of the day. Have tasks been added or did you just finish a task, check it off and the reception knows that the accommodation is ready to be rented out! Are there tasks that need to be checked before checking it off? you can add this to a task, which will lead to a list of tasks that need to be checked. Working on a planning for that week? Look at the tasks that have been made to get an overview of how much personnel you really need.

Of course it is important that a leaky tap or shower is fixed or replaced immediately, you want the technical services to see what has priority and what doesn't. You are also able to assign tasks to other parties, when a task has been added since the last time you were online you will get a notification. This way you will always know what to do.

Are there additional costs of materials for a certain fix and does the time worked need to be charged to the owner of an accommodation? the technical services can add this to a task in BookingExperts. These costs are automatically made into an invoice and billed with the periodic costs.

In short:

  • A log in for external parties;
  • Real-time overview of the (completed) tasks, daily and weekly;
  • Notification when new tasks have been added;
  • Control and overview;
  • Possibility to add costs to tasks and charge the owner of the accommodation.
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