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The automated journey from booking to review

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14 Jul '20
How far can you go by automating your holiday park? This includes automatic guest check-in, automatic access to a public building or accommodation, and automatically pre-heated accommodation. In this blog I will tell you how to automate your holiday park.

Process reservation and payment

A guest books an accommodation via your website. Make sure that all information is correct and that no questions arise during the booking process. After going through the steps to make a reservation, you want the guest to pay directly online. Facilitate this, so that your guest can do this themselves, for example by means of a link with a payment provider. With this, you no longer have to arrange the payments yourself.

Share information with the guest

Before a stay you want to send the guest personalized information by e-mail. However, you want to have as little work as possible on this. The solution? Automation. This includes sending travel information, information about the corona policy on location or the possibility to upgrade the reservation. You also want to automate the payment reminders as much as possible, if applicable to the reservation. Now read three tips for sending automatic emails.

Entry systems for smooth passage and check-in

To provide smooth access to the park, you can link with a barrier supplier. Is a reservation paid in full? Then the guest can be automatically checked in by scanning the license plate of the car. This makes the check-in procedure a short process. This saves a lot of time on busy arrival and departure days.

Control the access to accommodations or public areas with linked access systems. Think of this through door codes for accommodations, wristbands at the playground or automate access to the pool in different ways.

Meter readings and automate thermostats

There are also links to read thermostats, such as the thermostats from ICY. From the software you can view all connected accommodations from the reception. You no longer have to go to the accommodations to read the meter readings on the spot. Guests can even arrive in a pre-heated accommodation. This also gives you extra time, because you no longer have to go to the accommodations to switch on the heating.

Review of the stay

After checking out, you are curious how the guest experienced their stay. Automate the sending of assessment forms, so you don't have to do it manually. Reviews help you improve internal processes, but also give potential guests - when featured on the website - a good idea of your holiday park.

Curious how Booking Experts automate your holiday park?

We are daily developing automated processes at holiday parks, campsites, hotels and other rental organizations. Partly thanks to links with tour operators, access systems, payment providers and accounting packages, this is possible, so that you can focus on the most important thing: giving the guest a great holiday! Contact us now!

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