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Website iteration

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04 Oct '19
Recently, we have started working within Booking Experts in iterations of 4 weeks on a certain part of our application. For example, the 'websites' iteration was recently closed. In this blog you can read about 7 of my favorite changes we have deployed with the last iteration.

Add image set with logos

As an organization, you would like to add an set of logos from the authorities which you are affiliated or collaborate with. You can now create an image set for this and also add a link and a title to the image. In this support article, you can read how to add this.

Image set collage display

We have made it possible that you can add image set collage on your website. In this support article, you can read how to install this.

Different views of widgets on desktop vs. mobile

As a user, you want content as it is shown on desktop to be shown more compactly on mobile devices.

For example, you want to display a 'Highlight' on desktop in variant: 'Image with text' and displayed on mobile in the variant: 'Image with text (compact)'. This makes images on mobile smaller and gives a better user experience for the visitor.

Page discounts and packages

As a user, you might want to optimize and customize these pages. For this reason pages such as 'Extra pages' can be added to modify the the page with widgets.

Adjust accommodation page

The accommodation page is based on the data entered in Booking Experts. You may want to deviate from this for your website because you don't want to mention certain texts on the site or, on the contrary, extra. This can be done by adjusting the type page in the CMS accordingly. Consider adding a map, a snapshot of the accommodation, specific photos of the park and the environment etc. How you edit this page can be read in the following support article.

Image payment methods

The icons of the last added payment methods such as Apple Pay and Gift vouchers have been added to the image set. The images have also been optimized and a text has been added with the name of the payment method.

Optimize map availability

We have optimized booking on map. For example, the use of markers makes it possible to see more clearly which accommodations are available. The visitor also has the option to choose among the available accommodations under the map. This allows the mobile visitor to make a better choice in the desired accommodation.

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