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Owners of holiday homes

A useful tool that makes communication between owners of holiday homes and receptionist easy. 

As a holidaypark you often have multiple owners with holiday houses that want to make their house available for the year. Obviously you want this to happen as seamlessly as possible so you ánd the owner make the best profit out of the situation! Here you are able to manually add or remove owner rights, does he have insight on bookings and can he file price changes or not? Everything is possible in the owner module.

As an owner you want to be able to make a reservation in your own home whenever you want, without having to go through a whole reservation procedure. Easily from home, or when visiting friends and family, with a couple clicks in the BookingExperts owner portal. Here you will find a promotional link to a personal website with your accommodation. Very useful to distribute through social media, where give all of your friends and family the opportunity to make a reservation in your holiday home.

Within the module it is made simple to bill yearly costs automatically, rent settlement invoices are made with the push of a button and important documents can be saved on the spot. For the yearly costs you can set the payment periods per owner; monthly, quarterly and/or (half-) yearly.

In short:

  • Possibilty to offer owner accommodations in the most optimal way;
  • Benefit from all the pro's of the automization of invoicing and rent settlements;
  • Change the rights per owner within BookingExperts;
  • Clear overview of committee appointments;
  • Easy-to-use owner portal with promotional link;
  • Possibility for the owner to make a reservation in his own house within a couple of simple steps.
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