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As a receptionist you should be able to work everywhere with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

As a receptionist it is important to know what is happening on your park today, tomorrow and even later this week. You should be informed about everything!

In the dashboard a clear overview is given of all the check-ins and check-outs of that specific day. Here there is shown per reservation if all the payments have been done and if there are any (important) tasks that still need to be done before the guest checks in or out. You can also find an overview of all the guests that are currently staying at your park and the night register that is connected to this. An alert shows you which reservations have entered your park since the last time that you were logged in.

In the planboard you can see all your accommodations and the connected reservations. Would your guest like to move to a different accommodation because he or she prefers it? No problem, simply drag the reservation to the desired accommodation.

Does your park offer bike rental or the sale of snacks at the reception? In the POS you are able to find these components and directly settle the costs with the guest!

When you are responsible for the financial settlement, you will get a complete overview of the sent- and concept invoices. You can also find the invoices with a backlog, when a reservation is still on the park you will be able to directly settle the outstanding costs with them. You can also find the trial balance and the profit and loss in which you are able to exactly see the status of your financial situation.

In short, the receptionist will have:

  • A clear overview of the (not yet) completed tasks;
  • A dashboard with all the check-ins and check-outs of that day;
  • An overview of the amount of guests staying at your park and the connected night register;
  • A multifunctional planboard;
  • A POS system with the possibility to up-sell;
  • A clear overview of all your finances: invoicing, trial balance and profit and loss.
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