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My name is Reinier, I was born in 1983 and I live in Enschede. Since November 2016 I have been working for Booking Experts Full-time.

My first experience with programming was in 2002, during my first year of Informatica on the University of Twente, the chosen programming language was Java for everything that had something to do with programming. I thought this was a good choise, because the language is explaining, complicated and very strict. This way we learned to work with structure and it gave us quick and clear feedback from the compiler.

Years later, in 2007, I got in contact with Ruby on Rails through Nedforce. Ruby made programming a real passion for me, this because it shows that you can express programming issues in a much more elegant and short way than I was used to. Definitely in combination with Rails. Before I had gotten experienced with building websites in PHP and in Java with Spring, Struts and JSF. That was torture in comparison to building a good, sustainable web-app in Rails.

During my time at Nedforce I have been working on the built of a CMS for municipalities, where accessibility was a clear must. Later on I got involved in projects of different backgrounds: Financial administration, projectmanagement, CMS implementations for businesses and multimedia (replacing UitzendingGemist with Here I grew to become a Senior Ruby on Rails programmer. Responsible for building several web-applications.

Booking Experts immediately got my attention because of the professionality of the team and the enthousiasm in which they are starting to take over the world of holiday parcs. The focus is not on generating revenue but on creating a working environment in which everyone feels comfortable. This way, a qualitatively strong product has been developed that is constantly improved and expanded. I hope it will take my expertise to a higher level!


When I am not at work I like to go walking or to the beach, into the sun. When the weather does not allow me to, I am also content with a movie or series. During the week you can find me in the pool often and in the winter on the ice tracks. Of course, I prefer natural ice, but that does not occur very often unfortunately. I had started a tennis-career once but haven't been able to do that anymore in the past years. Perhaps I can pick that up in the future with one of my colleagues.

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