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All in one reservation system
reserveringssysteem voor verhuurorganisaties

Reservation-system is a comprehensive online booking system, offering everything required to process a reservation. Never has it been so easy to enter a reservation yourself, to settle bills and manage your results.

In the development of we assumed that all our users are working with the same system. A big advantage is that you can very easily update and you are always able to keep your own system up to date thanks to the latest technologies. This is not new, as even well known systems like Apple, Facebook and Twitter are functioning in this very same way.



As a receptionist it is important to know what is happening on your park today, tomorrow or even later this week. You should be informed about everything!


Owners of holiday homes

A platform where external parties can see their tasks and the ability to check off these tasks when completed.


External Parties

A platform where external parties can see and check their tasks.


Connect with touroperators.

Start this very day and be sure to make more turnover with less effort.

Are you also fed up with the fact, that a lot of manual activities are involved due to a reservation through a travel agent? Reservations which have to be put into the system manually, are holding a risk which includes errors and double bookings.

That's history now! 
With the help of our unique API coupling system, we have realized a real-time connection between our booking system and our tour operators. 

This offers the following advantages: 

  • you only have to place your accommodation in Booking Experts;
  • in case of a reservation, the occupation is automatically being fed back to Booking Experts and the other way round to the tour operator(s).
  • Any possible adaptation of the rental price, will be instantly passed on to the tour operator(s); 
  • possible price actions and cost savings can be directly coupled to one or more tour operators.
Coupling with tour operators.


Prices \ Accommodations \ Reservations \ Discount actions \ Availability

Tour operator

Tour operator villas

Tour operator belvilla


Tour operator expedia


Tour operator heerlijke huisjes


Tour operator interhome


Tour operator traum

Traum ferienwohnungen

Tour operator tradetracker


Tour operator casamundo


Tour operator villaxl



Gekoppeld met betaalmethodes

Via betaalproviders Buckaroo en Mollie.

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Or phone us at the following number: +31 (0) 88-1168901

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