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Invoices sent

Automated invoicing

No need to worry about invoices. Booking Experts will notifiy you when there is an action needed from your side.


Concept Invoices

No loose ends and complete control over your work, anytime, anywhere. Once you make a concept invoice, it will be visible in the system. So you can begin to make a reservation, turn off your computer halfway through, go home and effortlessly finalize the booking and invoice in the evening.

Concept Invoices

Credit invoices

Always know who is yet to receive money from you.

Credit Bills

Payment arrears

Booking Experts lets you know when someone is late with a payment. You can easily send a reminder or delay the payment deadline.



Check payments by day.


Outstanding items per debtor

You know immediately which debtors have to be sent reminders.

Outstanding items

Ledger accounts

All articles in Booking Experts are assigned to a ledger account.

Assign general ledger accounts

You can then retrieve period totals for each general ledger account.

Ledger account totals

Exports and linking with accounting software

All financial data can be exported from Booking Experts completely. You can connect to your financial records using two methods.

1. Exports the full paper trail


  • All the debtor information is also available in your accounting software
  • Dual control over the financial data. Both with Booking Experts as in your accounting sofware.
Export all financial source data

2. Exporting ledger totals


  • Quick to set up. Most accounting software has standard facilities for this.
  • Mistakes are easier to solve if the records are kept in one place, in Booking Experts
  • Less work!
Export ledger totals
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