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Owners Portal

Give owners online access, overview and control

Owners can login by themselves, make reservations, check availability, view invoices and promote their holiday homes themselves. As a park manager you determine the access level of the owner.



Owners are allowed to reserve their own accommodation for their own use. During a simplified reservation process, they also have the option to select all the additional extras, which are also available for other guests, such as an extra set of towels or access to the sauna etc.

Owners reservation


The owner can view the availability of his holiday home(s).

Owners availability


Owners can promote their holiday home(s) to friends and acquaintances by distributing a special link. As park manager you can make special commission fee agreements with owners for reservations that come in through the special link. The owner can find this special link in his online portal.

Owner of a (special) promotion link.


Overview of all invoices. Owners can immediately see which invoices are outstanding and which are paid. Outstanding invoices can be paid easily online by using credit card or other payment methods.

Owners bills


All important documents for owner are found easily in the portal. Documents can be uploaded and remain available online. This is useful for, for example, signed contracts and agreements.

Owners documents

Commission agreements

You can make different arrangements with owners:

  • Percentage commission - A fixed commission per booking type:
    • Booking via back-office and Search & Book
    • Booking through tour operators
    • Reservations made by owner (special link)
  • Poule system - Total revenues of several accommodations (different owners) are distributed among the participants of the group. 
  • Fixed Return - A fixed payout.
  • Fixed return with lower limit cap - A fixed payout with a settlement at the end of the year. Is there more rental income than the lower limit? Then the park complements this.

A payment date can be set per owner and accommodation:

  • Per month
  • Quarterly
  • Per half year
  • Per year
Appointment with Owner

Rent settlements

The system indicates when it is time to create the rent settlement invoices.

Rental-prices settlement indicator

Making a rent settlement invoice is a piece of cake.

Make rentalbill

Periodic costs

Annual park charges, environmental charges, internet, garden maintenance: everything can be periodically charged to owners. It is also possible to link tasks to these periodic costs so that for instance gardening is automatically scheduled if an owner pays for garden maintenance.

Periodic charges for the owner
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