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Plan-boards for holiday homes and hotel rooms.

Planboard for holiday resorts

A complete overview of all your reservations! See directly which reservations still have outstanding invoices or tasks and shift reservations from one accommodation to another.


Drag & drop

Easily transfer reservations between accommodations.

Drag reservations on the planning board.

Find what you're looking for

  • Filter on amenities such as Wi-Fi, Pet free and Jacuzzi.
  • Find a guest by name or accommodation number.
  • Do you manage several parks? Simply search all parks within your organization.
Filter holiday homes

Optimal occupation

Booking Experts shares reservations efficiently by considering:

  • Yields per owner
  • Accommodations with high priority are having precedence over accommodations with lower priority.

Everything you need

All you need to make your holiday resort, hotel or rental organization a success.


Do you have any questions? If so, please contact us by phone: +31 (0) 88-1168901

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