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Survey of the reservation of a holiday home or a hotel room.

Managing reservations

Easily make, adjusting and move reservations.

Guests can independently book themselves by using the Search & Book module.

Arrivals and departures

Overview of all arrivals and departures. Being a receptionist you can instantly check:

  • The payment status of the reservation invoice

  • And confirm if all the required tasks have been completed and the guests can enter their accommodation.


Creating and sending a reservation invoice

The system creates the concept reservation invoice, which is automatically being based on the determined prices, discounts and required costs.

Once a reservation has been made, the invoice will be created in the concept state.You then have the possibility to add additional extras and packages. Additionally, you can adjust each invoice line. This way the guest will always receive the correct invoice.

Draft invoice

Making options

Do you want to give a guest some time to think things over before the guest is going to confirm the booking? Then make an option:

  • Set up the time for reflection.

  • The guest will receive an e-mail with a concept reservation invoice.

  • As soon as the guest has paid the invoice, the reservation will automatically be confirmed.

  • If the guest does not pay within the specified reflection period, the system will automatically send a reminder to the guest and to your organization.

  • You can then take action yourself by calling the guest to confirm the reservation.

Adjust booking period or guest group

Does the guest want to stay a day longer? Extend the reservation and the system will immediately make a new concept invoice.

Does a guest have family or friends who want to come and visit? Easily add additional guests to the guest group and the system provides a new concept invoice.

Adjusting company

Applying discounts

The system automatically apply the default discounts. Do you want to deviate from this? You can manually adjust the discounts.

Discount Action

Outstanding tasks

Want to know for sure that your guests can check-in?

The system gives a clear overview of all outstanding tasks per accommodation. If obligatory tasks are not being completed, a guest can not be checked in.

You can see at a glance which tasks are still open.

  • Has the bedding already been delivered?

  • Has the repair of the shower already been done?

  • Is the mandatory legionella check performed?

Scheduled tasks


When you cancel a reservation, the system automatically creates a cancellation invoice based on the cancellation policy. Default policies (like RECRON) are easy to setup.

Cancellation policy


Are guests going to stay for a longer period?

Copy the existing reservation form including invoice or draw up a new invoice.



Comments, specific points of attention or interesting information issues for and about guests, can be simply shared with your colleagues through the notebook on the right side of the bottom of the screen. You can use this digital notepad to share notes concerning a reservation. This way everybody will always be informed about the details of a reservation.

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