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Statistics dashboard

Get insight, explore trends, optimize your prices and make more profit

Booking Experts shows you the perforamance of tour operators, discounts and accommodation types.



From the dashboard, you get a clear overview of the performance of your organization.


Which tour operator / discount / property type benefits you the most?

Sales by tour operator

Which tour operator / discount / property type offers the best price per night?

Price per night per tour

What is the occupation this year?


Is my occupation optimal?

The blue line shows the average price per night.
You want to make sure that the price moves along with the demand; if occupancy is high, the price must be high and vice versa.

In the chart above you can see that the park would probably perform better if the price was lower between week # 1 and # 26 and the price was higher in the week # 30 (high season).

If you work for a year with Booking Experts you can use this information to optimize your prices the next year.

What do our customers say?


Detailed statistics

  • In which month are most reservations made before the summer via Expedia?
  • What discount offer runs best on
  • etc.

Get answers to your questions by viewing detailed views.



  • Add your favorite statistics to a report
  • Select a period and make up a report.
  • That way you 'll have quick access to the data you want to know for a month, quarter or year.
  • Reports regarding different periods, can be compared with each other to be able to discover trends.
  • This is useful information in a park managers meeting, in which you want the managers to compare their parks among each other and start the dialog.


  • After a guest checks out, he or she will receive an email containing the request to leave a review.
  • This review includes the following criteria: reception, cleaning, location of the park. the staff, price quality, facilities, child-friendliness.
  • In practice 80% of the guests is gladly willing to fill in this review!
  • Which guests have provided the cleaning activities with a poor judgment and what was their motivation to do this? Knowing this, you'll be able to instruct the cleaning staff a lot better.
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