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Prices, availability, reservations etc. - everything is being connected with your favorite tour- operators. Booking Experts is the centre of the web. You do not have to login to the system of the tour operator anymore. Everything is being handled automatically.

One of the main advantages:

  • No more manually entering reservations
  • This reduces the risk of making errors
  • Always complete data at your disposal
  • Continuous synchronization of accommodations, prices and availability

Below is a list of tour operators with which we are working together.
Do you miss a tour operator? If so, we'll make the connection!
We believe in growing partnerships with interesting parties. The more tour operators are being connected with Booking Experts, the more interesting and easier it gets for holiday resorts.
Request a new connection.


Direct links

We have direct links with the platforms listed below.

Tour operator

Tour operator villas

Tour operator belvilla


Tour operator expedia


Tour operator heerlijke huisjes


Tour operator interhome


Tour operator traum

Traum ferienwohnungen

Tour operator tradetracker


Tour operator casamundo


Tour operator villaxl




When your prices and discount actions change Booking Experts will notify the connected tour operators directly.


Never again log in on back-end systems of tour operators. If a guest reserves at, the availability will be automatically adjusted in the system of Expedia. Allotments are something from the past.


All reservations through connected tour operators are automatically being processed in Booking Experts. How about the invoice? This is automatically being sent to the guest with a convenient online payment link.


iCal connections

Booking Experts exposes an iCal feed per accommodation.
This allows you to automatically sync the availability of your accommodations with known parties like AirBnB, Wimdu en Flipkey.

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Connections through Qenner

The following online tour operators are connected through Qenner.
Qenner is a channel manager and partner of Booking Experts.

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