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Hello, my name is Rob and I have been working at Booking Experts sinds the very beginning.

Eversince I was 2 we have had a PC at home. My father worked in IT, it was he who tought me everything about computers on a young age. I learned programming in LOGO and BASIC early on. It was basically the way I was brought up.

Through the years I have learned several languages, among these are C/C++, Java and PHP in which I produced web-applications. I also helped to develop KDE, a opensource desktop environment. When I got in contact with Ruby it was a revelation. Lots of problems you are able to solve in a very elegant way, even complex applications are able to be kept clear and neat.

I have been at Booking Experts since the very beginning, something that started as a simple tool for Frontoffice bookings. To be able to make a reservation grew into a complete package with touroperator links, invoicing, gateway systems, owner management and much, much more. It is almost unbelievable what we have accomplished and it stays fantastic to be a part of it. The team has grown a lot since then too, we now have a great team which gives the opportunity for great brainstorming sessions. This way we most of the time get the best ideas.

In my spare time I enjoy playing boardgames, listen to music and I love to travel the world!

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