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Ruby on Rails Programmer


We are seeking an experienced Ruby (on Rails) programmer with knowledge about: back-end, front-end, API architecture and hosting. Together with your fellow programmers you will be responsible for the development of Booking Experts. Responsibilities will include:

  • Our API, which is connected with many tour operators like,, Interhome etc.

  • The back-office: the heart of the system that is responsible for the processing of reservations, actions, statistics, owners, communication, gate control systems, and the management of the staff on a holiday resort.

  • The front-office: the online reservation portal which is being used by customers of a holiday resort.

  • Website builder: every holiday resort has a website. We have developed a website builder which makes it possible for people with technical background to design and manage a website without the intervention of a programmer.

Our office is situated in Enschede. Because of our company structure it is possible to work remote. Requirement is that you are at least one day every two weeks physically present in the office.

During the training period it might be required that you be physically present more often in our office.


  • Are a young, dynamic, and divers team. A mix of different cultures, characters, and backgrounds who work together to deliver exceptional work.

  • Work pragmatic; rather a small feature done today than “the next big thing” next year.

  • Work from different places; home, office, or abroad.

  • Make beautiful code where our future collegues like to work with.

  • Are together to build a bright future where there is room for individual development.


  • Are sincere and honest.

  • Are intelligent, no one has to tell you how to exactly fix something, but you’re always open to suggestions and improvements.

  • Are loyal, you meet your commitments.

  • Are energetic & quick.

  • Are flexible; if necessary, you work until the job is done.

  • Are open-minded, you love to learn.

  • Are self-managing and decide yourself on what to work.

  • Take responsibility.

Qualifications (requirement):

  • Languages: Ruby, SQL (PostgreSQL), Javascript

  • Frameworks: Rails

  • TDD: Minitest, Capybara

  • Databases: PostgeSQL, Redis

  • Unix/Linux experience

Qualifications (nice to have):

  • Languages: Groovy

  • Frameworks: React.js

  • Databases: ElasticSearch

  • Strong UI / Front-end skills

  • Hosting: Docker, Amazon webservices - We are currently moving towards Amazon webservices so DevOps experience is welcome

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