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I was born in Hengelo in 1989. As a child I had a passion for building things like treehouses, bikes, motors and of course computers (in that stage only for gaming).

After high school I started to study Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Product Design. I quit my studies after 2 years as it did not go as fast as I hoped it would and a lot of projects I could not see the point of them. I had the opinion that I could get further in life without school.

This is the point where I started the internet company 'Ikdoe' with my cousin Herman at the age of 18. Ikdoe had the main goal of listing all the events in Holland. We (like Google) took all the information off of more than a 1000 websites (VVV's, Party Flocks, newswebsites etc.). Along with 35 interns over 5 years we were able to create a good and clear overview. This was noticed by the mayor internet players of that time like Hyves, Microsoft, Telegraaf, Trouw, Tubantia and VVV Nederland. Everyone wanted to work with us to be able to use our valuable data.

We were never able to make Ikdoe into a commercial succes. Fortunately I was able to learn a lot from this period. I learned programming, graphic designing, leading a team and I got experienced in having commercial talks with big companies. Due to the fact that I got in contact with these big companies, I was able to 'have a look in the kitchen'. I found out that the companies, that I was looking up on, weren't that perfect as it seemed to be on the outside. I can remember this conversation with Hyves (in her high days). Back in the days I had the most basic knowledge of programming but I had to tell their programmers how to implement a certain API. From that day forward I decided not to be impressed by someones appearance.

I met Ali at the right moment, he had plans for an innovative product for the holiday market. He asked me if I would like to be a part of the future of Booking Experts and I got on board enthousiastically. I have been involved from the beginning as a programmer, designer and team leader. For all the aspects of my function I have the same amount of passion, I still feel like the kid who just wants to build stuff.

Besides all that I am proud of what we established as a team. A beautiful product, on the front- as well as on the backside. Our people are one by one talented and unique. We learn from each other every day.

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