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Search Engine Optimization

When people search for your holiday park in Google, you want to be situated at the top. This doesn't happen just like that. Through search engine optimization (SEO) you can get a higher position in the Google ranking, without having to pay for it (by using Google AdWords).  



Don't have the hands to get it done by yourself?

Our team is ready to help you. Working with us has the following advantages:

  • Optimized CMS for SEO - Use our CMS for holiday parks. The CMS automatically puts you into the right direction to get a SEO optimized website.

  • Writing texts - Writing good texts normally means a lot of work, but not for us. Consider writing texts for your website, for example: "Nice things to do in the surrounding area," "Playing golf in the Ardeché". In short, pages which ensure that your website will get a higher position in Google search terms, which you want to be associated with.

  • Website analysis - We make a detailed analysis, which will clearly show you where your opportunities are going to be found.

  • Link building - A good website in many cases will be the talk of the town. Wikipedia has one of the highest scores on Google, because many websites are linked to Wikipedia. W're going to help you getting more links to your website.

  • Google Analytics - We help you setting up the right goals, so that you know how you are performing.

Naast SEO is Booking Boosters ook gespecialiseerd in Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing en Remarketing. 

No idea what Google thinks is important?

We do! Google's goal is to direct visitors to the most relevant page. Here is the explanation how this principle works for your website:

  1. Provide qualitative and relevant information in writing, which is going to help your visitor.

  2. Be selective in choosing keywords. Know what you're good at. You can not get to position one on all keywords. Therefore it is important to have a clear goal in your mind and to consequently work towards it.

Of course there is a lot more to it. That's why we like to help you getting started by means of joining our workshop: Search Engine optimization for holiday resorts.

Booking Boosters

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