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My name is Stefan. I live in the beautiful city of Enschede. Since the end of 2014 I have been working as Software Developer at Booking Experts.

I have been programming as long as I can remember. My father is an engineer too, so I came in contact with computers in a very early stage. Our first computer was a MSX. On this you were able to load programmes through a casset. We only had a couple of games, what interested me the most as a little boy was the simple programming language of MSX BASIC (I admit, I was an odd child). My father showed me how I could show a 'PRINT' command text on the screen, I was fascinated. I have written books in 'PRINT' commands on that MSX.

We went and visited an uncle of mine every once in a while who had a better computer. It had Logo, a programming language in which you can write scripts which make your curser move over the screen in the form of a turtle. I can remember how I could enjoy this for hours where my cousins were doing things more to their age, like screaming, shouting and running around.

I think I must have been around 12 years old when we got our first PC, with a hard disc and floppy's. On this the programming language BASIC ran. In that language I built a couple of computer games, like asteroids. During highschool I played a lot with languages as Pascal, Actionscript (Flash), Delphi, C++ and eventually HTML. For my birthday I asked books about programming, it was a hobby that nearly touched obsession.

After high school I went and study Informatica on the University of Twente, of course. Here I got in contact with PHP, Java and eventually Ruby, which became my favourite language. From that moment on I never taken any other languages serious anymore. Till today I have not seen a better language in which you can build large, complex projects with the same simplicity. Of course there are languages that do certain things better, but not overall.

I only wanted to work with Ruby, but you don't always get what you want. After getting acquianted with Ruby I still built a lot of software in Javan and PHP. Soon I wasn't able to take it anymore and I only started working for companies that used Ruby. I have worked as a freelancer, had my own company and my own product: sitebox.

When I got in contact with Booking Experts I was impressed with the culture and the technical knowledge. Since 2014 I have been working on some technically difficult and challenging projects. Nowadays I am interested in languages as Elixir and things like React, Phoenix and Elasticsearch. I always try to be open minded when it comes to new technology. I learn new things every day and that is the most beautiful thing there is. I don't think this work will ever bore me. 

When I am not programming I like to play sports or have a couple of beers with friends. I also started to make furniture recently, I like to build new things and learn to use new tools for this. Turns out that I can programme and build furniture with all my heart.

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