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05 Mar '20

Adjustments settlements owners

Improvements have been made to the owner settlements. This makes the system to be more clear for both you and the owner of accommodations. Besides this, you will have more options to carry out regarding settlements.

Due to adjustments, guarantees are now given to the statements; if an invoice has to be adjusted due to a change in a reservation or a commossion agreement, the system will alert you on this.

The following has changed for the organization: * When at the overview of settlements, you can check whether settlements have been settled correctly; * Distiction has been made concerning both periodic and poule settlements; * Invoices are disconnected from the settlements.

You can find the owner settlements under the tab Owners. When you go to the right-hand sub-tab, the Expected settlements are displayed that can be settled with the owners. In the right-hand sub-tab under Settlements you find ** all ** settlements which are already made. Here you have the possibility to perform various extra actions.

You can now perform the following actions:

  • Copy - You do this if you want to make a correction invoice on which adjustments are needed;
  • Create concept invoice - To create a new invoice;
  • Create concept correction invoice - For a correction to a rental invoice that has already been sent;
  • Recalculate - This is useful if a new reservation has been made after you have made a concept invoice;
  • Delete - If a concept settlement invoice needs to be deleted;
  • Ignore up-to-date notifications - We issue notifications when a statement needs to be recalculated. In case you do not want to recalculate, you can ignore the report.

When making poule settlements you can check whether all poule settlements have been settled correctly. You can filter by specific periods and view the specifications of the poule settlement.

The following has changed for the ** owner **: * The 'settlement' tab has been added to the owner portal.

The invoices have become simpler for the owner, because the specification is separated from the invoice. This makes the invoice a lot easier. In addition, the overview of invoices, settlements and poule settlements are changed.

** Please note! ** The owner is not automatically informed of these changes, you can send these articles to all owners via an internal message.

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