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03 Jan '20

Changes small business scheme

To be able to use the small business scheme we have made some changes:

  • NEW For all invoice types we have deleted the word 'invoice' in the name. Rent settlement is the type of invoice for example;
1577979689 4 sent invoices demo robin 2020 01 02 16 41 10
  • CHANGE In case an owner is configured as not VAT payable this will result in the following line on the rent settlement: 'by Name of the organization payable VAT';
  • NEW In case costs are settled with an owner that is configured as not VAT payable, the payable VAT will also be calculated for these costs;
  • NEW In case there is no VAT (shown) on the invoice (leisure guests or no VAT payable), only a total price is shown on the invoice;
1577981206 invoice

CHANGE Besides this we have set the order on the rent settlement, this way you will always have insightful which invoice lines belong together, see the screenshot above: 1. Rent payout; 2. Optional: Payable VAT; 3. Withheld commission; 4. Settlement of costs to the owner; 5. Optional: Payable VAT for the settled costs.

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