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21 Jul '21

Concern dashboard

The concern dashboard is live! This means that as an organization manager you have the availability of all underlying administrations in one overview from this dashboard. This way you can select the right location and the right accommodation for the guest, among other things. The dashboard consists of two tabs: the overview and the reservations tab.

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New organisation overview

You can make a reservation, as you are used to, via the Reservations tab via the yellow + Reservation button or via the blue + New reservation button. Both buttons will take you to the next screen. Here you can use the filters. For example, you can select multiple types, features and parks. Useful if you want to filter the best option!

The calculation of the selected option is displayed in the right menu. What do you see in this calculation?

  • The accommodation & type;

  • The arrival and departure day;

  • The holiday park;

  • The channel;

  • The guest group;

  • The price specification.

You can view the specification of the rental price by clicking on the 3 dots.

We have also written a support article on how to make a reservation from this view.

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New reservation view Note! Are you not an organization manager, but an administration employee or manager? Then this update also partly applies to you! Regardless of where you make a reservation in Booking Experts, whether that is via the yellow + Reservation button or via the planning board, you will also end up in the new reservation screen, as you can see above.

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