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21 Jan '21

E-mail from Booking Experts

We have improved all outgoing emails. We have done this by looking critically at the function of the emails and the user experience of the recipient (usually a guest).

We are all familiar with the trend that more users view websites and e-mails on their mobile phone.

On a mobile phone you have less space and you will therefore have to be more careful with this space. In addition, there are all kinds of user-specific situations that you want to take into account. Think of font size, day-night preference, colour settings for the colour-blind, reading programs for the visually impaired, etc.

By making e-mails simpler, we meet the user's wishes.

The advantages of this new way:

Responsive Emails are automatically responsive and work well on any device.

Respectful User settings are respected. * The font size set by the user will be used; * If someone is colour blind, the email will be displayed better; * If you use different day & night colours, the colour scheme will be applied; * If you are visually impaired and you use a reading programme, the content will be more easily detected by the reading programme.

Better open rates E-mails with a lot of formatting and pictures are more likely to be labelled as "advertising" by readers, which makes them less likely to be opened.

Less spam Spam filters allow e-mails with less layout to pass through more easily. As a result, an e-mail is less likely to be marked as promotional or spam.

In short, simpler e-mails are friendlier for the recipient.

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