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21 Apr '20

From now on changes in Widget are automatically saved when unsaved

Have you made changes to a widget, but accidentally closed the widget without saving? Where you previously had to make the desired changes again, we now save the changes for you, after which you can publish / save them later.

Adjustments to existing widget Do you change the text of an existing widget, but forget to click on save and accidentally close the widget? Then open the widget you were modifying again and you will see that the changes are still entered. You only have to press save to make the changes take effect, so you don't have to adjust all content again. To make it easy, we give the unsaved widget a color so that it catches the eye.


Adjustments new widget When you create a new widget, but accidentally forget to hit save. Our system now remembers what you have entered and fills it in automatically when you add the same type of widget again

Click here for a video for visualization.

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