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09 Feb '22

Prepare your templates for updates in the future

We are still working towards making group bookings. This will soon allow you to create multiple underlying bookings within one reservation. In preparation for this, a new template has been added: Summary of reservation(s).

This template will not be sent as an e-mail. You can actually load the template into another template, by using a tag. This allows you to show all underlying bookings to the guest in the reservation confirmation. This is handy when father books for the whole family: he can then see exactly which accommodations have been booked and for which length of stay.


  • Are you still working with the standard template? Then we'll adjust it for you immediately. You won't notice any difference, because for now you're still only making one booking per reservation.

  • Have you personalized your templates? Then you need to process the new tag yourself. Tip: do it now. If necessary, personalize the current template Summary of reservation(s) and place it in your booking confirmation for example. Then you are immediately prepared when the group bookings update comes.

How to do it Look carefully at what information you want to replace with the new group booking tag.

For example, in the reservation confirmation template, this is the blue block. If you edit the template, you will see the following tag:

{% if reservation.fixed_rentable? -%} {{ reservation.category_name }}: {{ reservation.rentable_identity_name }} {%- else -%} {{ reservation.category_name }} {%- endif %} U komt aan op {{ locals.reservation_start_date }} vanaf {{ reservation.checkin_time }} uur en vertrekt op {{ locals.reservation_end_date }} voor {{ reservation.checkout_time }} uur. U heeft gereserveerd voor {{ locals.reservation_nr_guests }}.

Which you want to replace with the new group booking tag, which you use to load all the underlying bookings:

{{ locals.reservation_summary }}

For clarity, when a group booking is made, all underlying bookings are loaded with this new tag.

You can read more about templates over here.

P.S. Do you also think about the different languages? These templates also need to be changed.

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