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07 Oct '20

HomeAway has special COVID-19 tags

This update is for the people who are already connected to HomeAway or for those who will be connected to HomeAway soon!

As you know we have a full content link with HomeAway. This means that everything goes with the link, including pictures and features.

HomeAway reads the so-called channel tags. When you create a tag, you always have to select a channel tag. This channel tag is shown with HomeAway, for example.

In connection with Corona, HomeAway has expanded the range of tags with special cleaning features. These include how long a house is empty between two reservations, whether special cleaning products are used and bedding washed at an extra high temperature.

HomeAway saw in the search orders of visitors that these tags are currently very important to persuade a guest to make a booking. We therefore advise you to expand your tags with this!

More information about tags can be read here. And all information about HomeAway is here.

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