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08 Mar '22

More insight in your changes πŸ‘€

We have changed the heading 'unconfirmed changes', so that there is more insight into your change.

If there is only a textual change in an order, this also becomes visible in the unconfirmed changes. You can then choose to confirm this to the guest or mark it as confirmed.

The message below will then become visible at the top of your booking. By clicking on the 'i' you can see at a glance what has been changed.

πŸ’‘ This can be useful if, for example, you offer something to a guest free of charge. The amount will not change but you can easily send this change to the guest.

Please note: Due to this change, it is possible that you will see several unconfirmed changes from the past under your 'Unconfirmed changes' heading, which still need to be confirmed. You can check these once and confirm them in the way you want.

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