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09 Mar '21

New: Google Maps widget in CMS

We have added a new widget to ParkCMS. In addition to the Map widget, the Google Maps widget has been added.

The existing Map widget uses the Maps Javascript API. This is a paid solution with a number of free views per month. The Google Maps widget on the other hand uses a free API from Google. If you want to use this you need to do the following:

If you have already entered an API key in CMS, you need to activate the Maps Embed API in the existing project in your Google Cloud Platform. If you haven't entered an API key in ParkCMS yet, you can create a new API key.

Please see our support article for a further explanation on how to manage and/or activate the API key.

Note: If you use the Google Maps widget without a valid key you will get an error message on the page. So always check if the right map is shown.

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