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03 Dec '21

Organization dashboard update!

What, so much information! 🕵🏼‍♂️

We have recently added a lot of data to the Organization dashboard again. What can you find here? The following information from all your administrations:

  • Reservations;
    • Confirmed, Option, Not yet confirmed, Cancelled and Imported. You can also see an overview of available accommodations with prices and book directly here!
  • Vouchers;
  • Invoices;
    • Sent, Concept and To pay back.
  • Payments;
    • Received and Open payments.
  • Remainig amounts;
  • Internal messages;
  • Overview of Actions with filtering possibilities on different subjects, a.o.:
    • Accommodations;
    • Auto Emails;
    • Commission agreements;
    • Todos;
    • Pricing rules;
    • Etc. But also who the action was done by, was it a guest, a channel or maybe an owner!

This update is brought to you by

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