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12 Feb '21

Rights and permissions of employees of an administration or a concern

Many of you attended the webinar on Friday, that's great! In this webinar we explained which updates will take place in the near future regarding the accounts and permissions within Booking Experts. ⚡️

For groups or organizations with multiple administrations there is an extra layer to give employees access to the entire concern at once. Here you can quickly set the rights for all underlying administrations. You can use this from Monday on.

Where do I give my employee access?

The access and permissions for an employee on administration level are set under Administration settings;

1613132213 access administration

The access and permissions for an employee at concern level are set under the Organization settings;

1613132286 emplyees organization

It is now possible to link several owners to one accommodation. You can then log into the owner's portal with all the e-mail addresses and each owner will see the same information. You can do this via the owners backoffice portal. 🏡

1613143434 linked users

From now on you can also login as one user for all your Booking Experts accounts. This means: no more separate email addresses and passwords and you do have everything in one place.

1613135786 image 1

The update to the content rights structure will follow later. There will be an update notification in due course. Stay tuned! 👋

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