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19 Feb '21

Salto - Access via App 📲

Salto also works with a mobile key functionality. This allows guests, from an app, to open their home.

How does this work?

The guest installs the JustIN Mobile app. Than he/she opens the JustIN Mobile app and registers by entering their number and requesting a code. This must be done before the card is sent from Booking Experts, but in principle this can be months in advance.

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From the back office you send the card to the phone. You do that by opening a card. There you click on Send to phone;

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The registration will then automatically appear in the guest's app;

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The next step will be to make sending to the app automatic. As soon as this is possible, we will of course share this with you.

You can find all information about the linking to Salto over here.

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