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20 Oct '21

Set price factor per channel

From now on you can set a price factor per channel.🚀

What does this actually mean? You can increase the prices for reservations that come in through that channel with a certain percentage! Or lower them. You set this in the channel under "general settings". You can set this for all channels, including for example the channel 'through owner'.

The price calculation will be processed in the rental and is not visible to the guest, it just becomes easier for you to play with the prices through all channels within Booking Experts.

Example: The current price factor (so with no increase or decrease compared to your price list) is 1.0. Now I would like to increase the prices with 20% via the Booking.com channel, I will fill in a price factor of 1.2.

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You will then see in the price specification how this is processed:

1634725882 new booking demo laurel booking experts 2021 10 20 12 31 07

Please note: if you enter a price factor below 1.0, it means that you are processing a 'discount' via this channel for all types compared to your price list. So if you enter 0.0, it means you are giving a 100% discount. So be alert to the price factor you enter 👀.

For more information, see our support article.

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