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04 Feb '21

Voucher with expiry date

From now on, you can add an expiry date to vouchers! Of course you can deviate from this per voucher. Set the expiry date up as follows.

  1. Navigate to the gear wheel;
  2. Choose for Other organisation settings;
  3. Set the number of days that the voucher is valid.
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Do you want to set up the validity date of vouchers? You can change the validity per voucher, for multiple vouchers, a whole page or all vouchers at once.

  1. Navigate to the tab Reservations;
  2. Choose in the right menu Vouchers;
  3. Select the vouchers of which you want to change dates;
  4. Specify the expiry date and execute.

Hint: the vouchers are sorted by date of issue. At the top are the vouchers that were issued first. Have you issued many vouchers? Then you can, for instance, give an expiry date per page in bulk.

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We now also send reminder e-mails. These are sent 180, 90 and 30 days before the deadline.

Please note: this e-mail template is turned on by default! If you do not wish to send the reminder, make sure that you turn off the template.

  1. Navigate to the gear wheel;
  2. In the right-hand menu, go to Templates;
  3. Turn off the slider at the Voucher reminder template.
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You can read more about vouchers here.

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