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23 Jul '20

Cost items ❕

A major update has been made for the cost items. The most important changes:

  • New cost item? Go through 7 clear steps to set up;
  • You can give costs an end date, so that they're no longer valid. By means of the filters you can see the old cost items again and make them valid again;
  • Different prices per type? From now on, this can be done in one cost item;
  • Different prices per channel? From now on this is possible in one cost item;
  • Because a different price per type and per channel can be processed in one cost item, you can now also merge existing cost items into one ⬆️ This gives you fewer cost items and therefore more overview.

Merge cost items, how does that work?

1595491646 costs

To do so, go to the Installation tab and in the right submenu to Costs. Then you will see the button Merge cost items at the top right. You will have the possibility to merge similar cost items into one new cost item. All settings, such as prices and channels, will be taken over.

Example: You can merge all cleaning costs: - Cleaning costs for double chalets for € 45,-; - Cleaning costs for four person chalets for € 55,-; - Cleaning costs for six person chalets for € 75,-.

Please note: the merging can't be reversed.

More information:

P.s. below is a screenshot of the seven steps you go through when creating an cost item. ⬇️

1595491714 steps

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