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Optimize Your Park with Tjekkin's Digital Check-in in the Booking Experts App Store!

Looking to streamline your guests’ arrival day and reduce administrative burdens for your reception? Tjekkin has the solution! With our digital check-in, guests can safely and smoothly check-in prior to their arrival. Discover how Tjekkin accelerates your check-in process, enhances guest experience, and complies with GDPR regulations for processing personal data.

Tjekkin’s Digital Check-in: An Enhanced Guest Experience
With Tjekkin, guests can effortlessly check-in digitally via the Tjekkin app (Android/IOS). Upon retrieving their reservation, they can enter their personal details by simply scanning their ID or passport. Main bookers can also easily input information for fellow travelers and vehicle registration numbers. All data is securely processed and automatically synchronized with Booking Experts.

GDPR-Compliant Processing of Personal Data
Tjekkin places great importance on privacy and security. Guests provide consent in advance to share their data, respecting both guest privacy and GDPR regulations. This not only reduces administrative burdens for your staff but also fosters a sense of security for your guests.

Simple Activation of the Tjekkin Module
Integrating Tjekkin into the Booking Experts platform is quick and easy. Upon activation, expect our experts to get in touch within a day to assist with necessary settings and configurations for your administration. This ensures you can immediately benefit from Tjekkin’s advantages. Our support team is always available to address any questions and provide assistance.

Note: Premium Service with Associated Costs
Tjekkin is a premium service offering extensive functionality for your accommodation. There are associated costs for its use. For details on pricing, subscription options, or a Tjekkin demonstration, please contact us!

Experience the Ease of Efficient Travel with Tjekkin!
Optimize your park with Tjekkin’s digital check-in and provide your guests with a seamless and secure check-in experience. Save time, reduce administrative hassles, and let your guests begin their stay with a smile. Activate the Tjekkin module within Booking Experts today and explore the convenience of efficient travel!

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Hospitality Europe B.V.
+31 38 303 87 00
Rijksstraatweg 115
3632 AB Loenen aan de Vecht

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Release date
29 August, 2022
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