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Run your hotel with Booking Experts to streamline operations, increase guest satisfaction and maximize revenues.

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Work smarter, not harder

Streamline your back office.

Get things done in less time, so you can focus on what truly matters; your guests.

POS Systems
Sell products and services, and keep track of all of your sales.
BEX Solution Hotel Back office POS Systems
Pin terminals
In-person payments. Whenever and wherever you want.
BEX Solution Hotel Back office Pin Terminal
Everything on autopilot

We automate.
You regain control.

BEX PMS Property Management System Back Office Manage Bookings
BEX PMS Property Management System Back Office Invoices
BEX PMS Property Management System Back Office Tasks ToDo
BEX Property Management System Back Office Online Payments
BEX Property Management System Back Office Business Intelligence Data

Simplify your daily operations

Say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks, like managing bookings, processing payments and administrating invoices. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what truly matters; your guests.


Receive payments with ease

Allow guests to make payments with the payment methods they prefer. Payments are then automatically processed and connected to the corresponding booking or invoice. 


Make data-driven decisions

Lead your business more confidently by basing your decisions on insights from our real-time statistics dashboard, which includes all industry standard metrics. 

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Automate to-do lists for facility management

Automate recurring to-do’s for reservations, like housekeeping, or schedule periodic to-do’s for maintenance. 

BEX Solutions Hotels Facility Management
"You can see at a glance how your occupancy and turnover are doing, even if you do not work with the system on a daily basis. That is very nice."
Martine Hoekjen
Owner - Camping De Noetselerberg
Zero friction

Enhance your guest journey.

Offer your guests a frictionless guest journey. Before, during and after their stay.

Optimized Checkout Flow
Provide a seamless checkout process.
BEX Solution Hotel Guest Journey Checkout
One booking at a time

Maximize your revenue.

Keep track of your occupancy and react to trends.

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One click away.

Integrate with your favourite apps and tools.

Succes Team

Top notch support. Always.

We offer support 7 days a week so you can always move forward. So yes, even in the evening and on weekends your emails, chats and phone calls will be answered quickly.

  • Your questions answered within 20 minutes
  • 97% happiness score
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