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The App Store enables you to choose who you want to work with. Shape your own booking platform with Booking Experts as the base of it.

It is our mission to build software that allows users to have the freedom to choose the tools they want to collaborate with. No matter the tool you choose, we make sure it works.

Now, and in the future.
The App Store

Our marketplace.
Build for your growth.

Specific needs?

Customize to let it work for you.

Booking Experts supports all the basics that every leisure business needs. For everything else, there’s apps.

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Quality insurance
Each app is tested and validated by us before it is made available on the App Store.
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No integration costs
Install apps easily and at no extra cost. You only pay for using the app.
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Unified and secure
Control apps centrally from the Reservation System and only share data that is needed. Trusted and secure.
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Integrate with your favourite apps and integrations.

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