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BEX Real Estate Marketing

Your project sold out in no time.

We use targeted marketing to ensure that your salespeople can follow up on warm leads instead of chasing cold leads themselves.

BEX Boosters Real Estate Marketing
Our success formula

A continuous flow of quality leads.

How do we do this? Simple. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we know exactly where, when and which tools to use to target the right audience at the right time.

We know what we are doing


Thanks to our broad customer base, we can benchmark and are the first to know about new trends in the market.

So you stay ahead of the competition and reach suitable leads. Choices we make based on data:

  • Highlight specific accommodations
  • Launch campaigns at the right time
  • Distribute budgets efficiently across channels
BEX Boosters Real Estate Marketing Benchmark
We look further


The work is not done after the last accommodation is sold. We know that. That's why we look ahead.

We lay a solid foundation for rentals by focusing on brand awareness early on. This gives leads the confidence to invest in your park.

BEX Boosters Rental Marketing Social Media
We unburden you


We take work out off your hands and advise you where necessary. You are always in control.

Whether it's a marketing issue, the choice of door locks or the layout of your park; we can advice you. Not based on feelings, but based on data.

  • Marketers with a passion for recreation
  • Countless specialists at work for you
BEX Boosters Real Estate Marketing Analytics
''They not only carry out your wishes, but also come up with good advice.''
Bert Rotteveel
Owner - Recreatiepark Tusken De Marren
The Booster formula

Our tools.

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