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Data Security 🛡

We protect your data

All the data in our databases is encrypted. Moreover, we make multiple back-ups on different physical locations.

Your data is transfered via HTTPS

When your data is being transfered from your computer to our servers, it is encrypted by HTTPS. This ensures that nobody can look into the data that you are transfering to us or otherwise.

Redendancy of all major systems

Our servers and systems are fully redudant across multiple physical locations with the European Union. An entire data center can fail without compromising the continuity of our application.

Advanced physical protection

Our servers are protected 24/7 by by biometric locks and surveillance camera's. Only authorized personnel can access the data centers. On-site security is available 24/7/365 to prevent unauthorized access.

Regularly updated infrastructure

Our software and servers are regularly updated with the latest security patches. Our systems run in a special netwerk that is protected by firewalls. This network is carefully monitored. We strive for the perfect security and work with security researchers to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Worried about a breach?

Hvae you noticed that your account has been abused or do you want to report an incident? Then visit our page about security issues.

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