The perfect combination between sales and rental of accommodations

  • Sales module with evident statistics
  • Overview of all prospects and objects
  • Website for selling your accommodations
  • Automatic professional translations
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Renting and selling of your accommodations with our all-in-1 reservation system. With our sales modele, you keep control of all incoming leads.

A professional sales website with an overview of your offer? We make it happen. Translate your website with a single touch of a button to the languages you want.

With the sales module, we keep a clear overview of what prospects have already been called or the sales that have been realized.
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Highlighted features

Direct tour operator connections

Forget the hassle with double bookings or manual allotments. We keep it simple by directly connecting with many tour operators. Price changes, availability and discount actions can all be managed from a central place. View all integrations in the App Store.

  • Double bookings are the past
  • We never charge fees for integrations
  • Adjustments directly visible everywhere

Owner portal

Owners have the possibility to login themselves, but you are able to determine what information the house owner can see; from reservations to incoices, and from reviews to guest details. With Booking Experts you can automate periodic and rental settlements. Besides this, the owner can communicate with you via the messaging system.

  • Login interface for owners
  • Unique link to promote their accommodation
  • Overview of invoices at a glance
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Did you know that 90% of the visitors reserve on a website in their own language? Speak your guest's language. Our translators are available 24/7. Create a Dutch page and the page will be translated directly. First to English and then to German, French, Spanish and all other languages you want.

  • Website translated automatically and fast
  • Qualified native speakers
  • At least 3 peer-translators
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Own website

A user-friendly website in your corporate identity and directly connected with the reservation system. An adjustment in prices or accommodations is visible immediately. Your website is always up-to-date.

  • Direct connected with the reservation system
  • User-friendly CMS: drag, place, done!
  • Suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile
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