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Security Issues

Ensuring the security of our customers' data is a major responsibility. We work hard to protect our customers against the latest risks on the internet. Your input and feedback on our security is highly appreciated. 

Report security issues

For urgent or sensity matters, please reach out immediately to We normally strive to respond within several hours. For serurity issues that are less urgent or sensitive, please reach out to

Detect and disclose security issues

Together with security researchers, we strive being at the forefront of internet security. Have you found a weakness in our security that could affect our application? Please let us know. If you submit a report, we will take the following steps:

  1. We acknowledge the report and point out the best way to monitor the status of your report;
  2. We will investigate the reported issue and determine the impact on our application. We will not make the issue known, until the investigation has been completed. We will of course work with you to ensure that we fully understand your report;
  3. When the problem is resolved, we will send a security update to those involved who may be affected by the issue;
  4. We will thank you (depending on the impact) and give recognition for your discovery.


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