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Access control
Using Hcontrol guests can enter the accomodation using a pin-code. Automatic check-in Booking Experts.

Why Hcontrol

Your guest can enter the accommodation by using a pin-code or their mobile phone. Guest will be checked in automatically (Booking Experts) and can checkout using a special pin-code.
In this way you always know whether the guest have been arrived and/or if cleaning can be started.

The batteries in the e-cylinders last for more then 2 years and can be monitored remotely.

Hcontrol also works when there is a short internet malfunction !

Connecion wih Hcontrol. Guest receives accesscode by email after bookingconfirmation. With this pincode the door of the accomodation can be opened during the booked period.
As soon as the guest enters the pincode for the first time he/she will be checked in at Booking Experts.
A special checkout code can be communicated to checkout the guest so you know when the cleaning can be started.

About this app
Release date
16 February, 2022
Access control