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MarketingOost is a destination marketing organization that provides services for the supply development of regions in the eastern Netherlands.


Helps governments and entrepreneurs to further develop Overijssel with the help of the leisure economy. As a beautiful destination for visitors from home and abroad, as a wonderful living area for residents and as a promising market area for businesses.

By managing the leisure economy we are striving for the right balance between economy and quality of life in Overijssel. That way Overijssel remains an attractive destination for visitors, residents and businesses.

MarketingOost works together with governments, entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, trade associations and nature parties. We create alliances in the field of the leisure economy with other sectors, such as care, nature, agriculture and food, which can make an effective contribution to a destination in balance. We do this from an independent position and without a profit motive.

MarketingOost manages a.o. Visitoost.nl, visittwente.nl, vechtdaloverijssel.nl, visithanzesteden.nl and other tourism oriented platforms.

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27 July, 2021