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Streamline your guest communication with Trengo

Streamline your guest communication with Trengo

Trengo is a leading customer engagement platform, trusted by over 3,000 businesses worldwide to transform conversations into meaningful relationships. By centralizing all your preferred guest communication channels into one intuitive, automated, and AI-powered inbox, Trengo empowers your team to boost lead generation, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Deliver delight in every interaction.

Key Benefits

  • Automate repetitive tasks and conversations using the AI helpmate
  • Improve team efficiency and track the performances with Trengo analytics-
  • Be on top of every conversation and don’t miss out on sales opportunities

Integration Trengo x Booking Experts

  • Modify reservations seamlessly with just a few clicks
  • Instantly access all booking information to quickly respond to guest inquiries
  • All communications are automatically logged in Booking Experts

By integrating Trengo with Booking Experts, you can elevate guest communication and make every conversation count.

About this app
Release date
22 April, 2024