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Revenue Management
PriceLabs is a revenue management solution for the short-term rental and hospitality industry.

PriceLabs is a revenue management solution for the short-term rental and hospitality industry, serving customers such as individual hosts, vacation rental managers, and hotel managers. Our powerful solution helps Individual hosts and hospitality pros optimize their pricing and revenue management to increase profits and save time while adapting to changing market trends and occupancy levels.

PriceLabs combines human control with best-in-class automation, market data, and customizability to help hosts and hospitality professionals increase their revenue. Our platform offers a flexible solution that can suit the needs of any user, from the casual host to the advanced revenue manager. With dynamic pricing, market data, a data-driven approach, automation rules, and extensive customizations, we help manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions for any listing portfolio size, with prices automatically uploaded to preferred channels, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and more than 90 PMSs and channel managers on a daily basis.
Since 2014, PriceLabs has priced over 250,000 listings in 95+ countries globally, helping property managers increase their revenue and save time. Our powerful and user-friendly platform maximizes revenue and streamlines pricing and revenue management, making it easy for users to control their pricing strategies.

PriceLabs stands out from competitors by offering world-class tools such as the Base Price Help tool and the Minimum Stay Recommendation Engine. We continuously innovate in the industry and are dedicated to helping our users maximize their revenue. Our data science team brings some of the best minds in the industry, while our sales and support team helps customers onboard their properties and optimize their settings.
Choose PriceLabs today to increase your revenue and streamline your pricing and revenue management process. Sign up for a free trial at pricelabs.co to learn more.

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15 January, 2024
Revenue Management