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The booking platform for special accommodations

About Vipio
Vipio is the website for booking unique and special accommodations and vacations. With Vipio you no longer have to spend hours searching through all kinds of platforms to find something special. The experienced team at Vipio has already collected these special accommodations so that guests can book a unique overnight stay inexpensively, safely and quickly.

Stays that you will still remember 20 years from now
At Vipio we think life is too short for boring places to stay. We want our users to still remember 20 years from now which special overnight stay they booked through Vipio. To give as many people as possible this experience, the selection on Vipio is varied. From remote cottages to gypsy caravans and from boutique hotels to tree houses. You will find it all on Vipio. Every day Vipio adds new campsites, vacation parks, hotels, B&Bs and vacation homes to its selection.

About this app
Release date
23 August, 2021