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5 tips to make optimal use of support

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12 Feb '20
As you may have noticed already: recently we have switched to a new support system. In this blog I offer you 5 tips to get the most out of our support.

Tip 1 – Use the chat for urgent questions

Is your question urgent? Then open up a chat and wait until one of our employees picks up the chat. Our average response time to chats is 1 minute. We can then help you further immediately.

Tip 2 – Make your question as complete as possible

Explain exactly what it is that you are doing, which steps you have taken, what you want to achieve, and where you get stuck. So do not write: I cannot edit a reservation. But: I try to edit the end date of this reservation, but I get the following message: this change cannot be made because…

Tip 3 – Substantiate your question with a screenshot

You can use Monosnap for example, a piece of software, to make a screenshot. Drag your screenshot into the chat and it will be added as an attachment. Please note: you can only add an attachment after the chat has been picked up by one of our employees.

Tip 4 – Post your question, preferably always, by using the chat

Why? First, it enables us to track questions. What are the most asked about topics, which questions are asked exactly, during which period are those questions asked? Second, we store the chat logs. You can always reread them if you encounter the same problem again.

Tip 5 – Use support articles

We are working hard on transferring support articles so that you can search for an article straight from the chat. With the help of the articles you can discover and solve many issues yourself. Chat questions for which there are no suitable support articles yet will be converted into new support articles by us. Our articles will therefore be regularly updated and expanded.

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