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All about the update of the new reservation screen

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13 Dec '21
During the night from 15 to 16 December we will bring you a new update of Booking Experts in which the reservation screen will get a complete make-over. This new design is another step closer to offering group bookings within Booking Experts. This update has taken a lot of time and thought, and the version we will be offering you brings many improvements over the current reservation screen. We are happy to explain how this update came about.

Why is this update necessary?

Before we tell you all the ins and outs of the new reservation screen, we think it's very important that you understand why we are making these changes. First of all, this update is a big step towards making group bookings possible. In order to make this possible, it is important that we change the way the reservation screen is laid out. This way, we can easily add the next steps for group bookings in the next updates.

Other wishes were that changing a reservation could be simplified by breaking it down more into subjects. We also noticed that the payment status is one of the first things that is checked and that it is inconvenient that it is at the bottom of the current reservation screen. The many different invoices, especially in the case of changes, also sometimes cause confusion. There is therefore room for improvement in these areas.

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What has been improved with this update?

The design and functionalities of this update were created based on the above-mentioned points of interest. One of the biggest changes is that from now on, no separate invoices are created when you book something extra (an old invoice, then a credit invoice and then a new invoice). The invoice becomes an order. Everything that is booked during the reservation process or added later becomes part of the order. Adding extras to a reservation is one of the most common actions within the reservation screen. To make this step easier, we have decided to give extras their own place. This allows you to search for extras, add multiple costs at once and note preferences such as dietary requirements.

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Also new is the button Mark as confirmed. Often changes are made to the order after booking, e.g. by adding extras, but you don't always want to inform the guest with yet another invoice. Users now use the Send manually option for this. We have made this process easier by adding the Mark as confirmed button. This allows you to confirm all changes made with one click, and a new invoice is created without having to notify the guest via email. Of course, you can still send the guest a confirmation and invoice by email. The Mark as confirmed button comes in addition. Another new addition is that the payment is calculated over the total order and no longer per invoice. It will then be one invoice and therefore also one payment status. The green bar will also be placed higher in the reservation screen for a better overview. This change also makes it possible to invoice on departure, a much-heard wish from our users.

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In addition, reservations are now less prone to accounting errors: it will no longer be possible to change the price of an invoice line on the order list by default. For this purpose, we are introducing Variable cost items. Here you can specify that the price of the expense item in question must be editable. For all other cost items, the set price remains on the order list and therefore on the invoice. Another new feature that we are introducing with the update is Discount. Discount allows you to add a discount to an invoice line based on a percentage or fixed amount. This maintains the original price of the expense item. This way you can always see what the price development has been, which is very practical!

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The new update also brings an improved overview of what needs to be done at check-in and check-out. With the To Check icons now displayed at the top of the reservation screen, you can see at a glance what needs to be done and take the necessary actions. In addition, changes within the reservation screen are easier to make because the information is now grouped together. This allows you to make changes per group. The booker, for example, is adjusted at Booker and the accommodation at Stay, so everything has a logical place.

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After the update, you will also find a new section in the main screen Reservations, called Unconfirmed changes. Here you will find all reservations for which an order has been changed, but which have not yet been confirmed to the guest. This way you can always check if the change to a reservation has been made properly. And finally, the mobile view of Booking Experts has been improved. Because the information is now much more grouped, the mobile view of the reservation screen has also been improved. This makes it much quicker to find the information you need and perform the desired actions on your mobile devices.

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What else can you expect in the future?

As you know, we at Booking Experts never sit still. We always listen to your suggestions and from that comes updates like this one. The current update also brings us one step closer to introducing group bookings. The new design of the reservation screen makes it possible to add multiple reservations with their corresponding orders. Another update that is coming in the future is that the reservation form will be removed when you make a booking via the planboard. This saves a lot of clicks and simplifies the reservation process. Instead, there will be an easier way to find booker details and link them to a reservation.

In the background we are also continuously working on other updates of Booking Experts and the ParkCMS, from big (like this update) till small. Because we continue to innovate and grow, you can also continue to automate and grow!

Soon we will also give you more information about this update through support articles and of course our own experts who are ready to help you and answer your questions.

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