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Booking Experts introduces classes at ROC van Twente

29 Jan '20
The past couple of weeks we successfully introduced our all-in-1 reservation system to first-year students of the study Travel, Leisure & Hospitality. Our goal? Offering students a modern system to increase their basic knowledge of reservation systems.

We want to make a contribution to the learning process of reservation systems in the leisure branch. In november 2018, the first contact was made with ROC van Twente. Before, students of the study Travel, Leisure & Hospitality worked with an outdated reservation system. Internship experiences from users of Booking Experts showed that this system did not connect with the modern systems they actually use.

We thought: that should be better. Therefore, we introduced Booking Experts at ROC van Twente: our all-in-1 reservation system, fully in the cloud and where all students can work with at the same time. Our goal of the classes is that students learn the foundation of the reservation system. In this way, the tasks of a front office employee at a holiday park will become easier for them. A win-win situation for the students and our users.

Booking Experts Academy Basis

In a period of ten weeks almost 100 first-year students worked on the Booking Experts Academy Basis. In collaboration with the teachers we addressed everything around the daily work as a front office employee. The academy consists of seven chapters with questions and assignments to make students familiar with Booking Experts.

Examples of important questions for a front office employee:

  • How do you make a reservation?
  • How do you check guests in and out?
  • What needs to be done before a check-in? 

With similar questions we were able to learn the students how concerns are currently operating. What is a holiday park, campsite or hotel and what are the most important tasks of a front office employee?

Almost 100 Booking Experts certificates

After ten weeks, almost 100 first-year students received their Booking Experts certificate. They proved that they gained enough knowledge of the all-in-1 reservation system of Booking Experts. In short, they are ready for an internship as a front office employee on the holiday parks of our users!

With enthusiasm we look back on the past couple of weeks. We are very proud of all students who managed to receive their certificate. Because of the great success we want to continue the classes in other schools as well. Also, we are planning to develop an academy for second- and third-year students.

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