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How do you respond to the dynamic stay of today's guests?

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20 Jan '20
It is increasingly important for today's holiday makers to be able to reserve a dynamic stay and therefore not be bound by fixed arrival and departure days. Research shows that it pays to deviate from the traditional weeks, mid-weeks and weekend periods. As a holiday park, how do you meet the increasingly flexible wishes of the guest?

Advantages of flexibility

We see this new development as a major advantage for you as an entrepreneur. By letting go of your fixed periods, you respond to the wishes of the guest who sometimes only wants to book one night and not an entire weekend. The flexibility also allows you to jump in faster if the occupancy is ahead or behind: make a dynamic stay possible by adding an arrival day or allow guests to stay for only one or two nights.

  • This also offers other great opportunities, such as adjusting to the peak load of your holiday park.
  • The pressure on operational services such as cleaning is spread, so that you can offer an better quality.
  • Guests staying for a shorter period are often willing to spend a higher amount every day at the hospitality and other facilities at your holiday park.

Renewed vision

This trend requires a critical look at your pricing policy, for example offering night prices, dynamic pricing and price differentiation for longer stays.

A new price structure is pleasant for you and your employees: no complicated periods, different rates and dozens of packages. This structure is also pleasant for the guest. You can respond to their wishes. The guest no longer has to deviate from his wishes, which makes it easier to choose a stay.

Basic prices

We recommend that you at least work with night rates, even if you do not communicate these directly in the search & book. This means you are able - in the case of less occupancy - to respond, for example by offering shorter periods of stay with a price calculation based on night prices. You can easily do this within your reservation system by checking and unchecking one or all types at the same time.

In addition to night prices, you may want to offer the fixed periods as you have always done, for example for a stay from Monday to Friday, Friday to Monday, Monday to Monday and Friday to Friday. Entering additional prices is not necessary, as the prices can be calculated based on the night prices.

Do you want to send the guest to the periods that are convenient for you, for example for your occupation or cleaning? Then you can set separate, advantageous rates for this length of stay or dates. Interesting for you and for the guest!

Relationship to other types

You keep your pricing policy most practical by using one ratio in the price structure between the different types.

  • As an example we use the Comfort Lodge for 2 people, since this type uses the lowest night price.
  • With the following type, the Comfort Lodge for 4 people, you use a price of 125% compared to the Comfort Lodge for 2 people.
  • With the subsequent type, the Comfort Lodge for 6 people, you charge a price of 150% compared to the Comfort Lodge for 2 people.

If you want to set a different price during the season, you only adjust the price of the basic type. Then you copy this price list (with the desired indexation: percentage or a fixed amount) to the other types. This means you don't have to adjust all types manually.

Promotions and packages

Sometimes you want to stimulate a certain period of stay (or duration of stay). In addition to working with advantageous periods as described above, you can also do this on the basis of promotions and arrangements.

It is advisable to work as standard with an early booking and last minute discount. You prefer that guests book early, for example more than 9 months before the stay, you can stimulate this with an early booking discount.

Of course you also want to have the last free spots filled and you use the last-minute discount, for example if you arrive within one week.

With packages you attract the regular guests who ensure a steady income every year due to their stay that lasts longer than 21 nights. You also use packages with the aim of stimulating your potential guests for a stay with a nice extra, such as a lunch in the brasserie, free bike rental or a welcome pack with local delicacies.

Reward the loyal guest

Some guests have been coming to your holiday park for years. These people in particular deserve a reward, such as a special discount. You can do this by locking the discount with a coupon code. You can fully automate the sending of this coupon code.

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