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How our new method ensures more efficiency

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12 Jun '19
You may have noticed recently: there have been many updates in Booking Experts.
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You may have noticed recently: there have been many updates in Booking Experts. Most updates have to do with one specific part of the application: the tasks module. The expansion of the tasks module has been made possible by our new method; working in teams and in an iteration. In this blog I would like to tell you more about it!

Technical department, team programming and iterations

Within Booking Experts, we full time work with a team of programmers maintaining and improving our product. Since last month, we have started a new way of working for the development of Booking Experts and Park CMS.

We started with team programming whereby teams of two (or more) collegaues work together on one component during one iteration (= period). In this one-month iteration, we try to make an optimal schedule that combines major and minor updates.

What has been realised in the last iteration

As indicated, we have spent one iteration on the module tasks. Among others, the following cases have been realised: * Create tasks before arrival; * Being able to filter tasks better; * A task displays whether guests have been checked in; * Tasks for building other than rental accommodation; * Linking tasks to a reservation; * Add block guays to one-time tasks; * Create urgent tasks; * Search function in task app; * Overview of tasks to be reviewed; * and more small adjustments that benefit the daily use of the module.

Another topic in the last iteration was Connections. This iteration has less visible changes for our users, but progress has been made to the same extent. For example, to the following components: * Connections with Booking.com has been reformed, opening the way for a complete content creation from Booking Experts to Booking.com; * Channel characteristics introduced with which we can realize the connection with HomeAway; * Connection with ICY set up with which meters can be linked to accommodations in Booking Experts; * Made HomeAway connection; * Made FacebookFeed with which accommodations can be loaded at Facebook for dynamic remarketing; * Export for the use of EasySecure; * The ability to create multiple links for one channel.

Content of iterations

When a new iteration starts, there is a lot of brainstorming first. All ideas are collected when a select team of programmers and support members, makes a selection from these ideas to implement.

The selection process looks at how a schedule can be made as efficient as possible for both small and large developments. Important considerations are the wants of customers, the developments of Booking Experts want to make and the feasibility within one iteration.

Halfway through an iteration, we evaluate the schedule and investigate if this need to be adjusted, or if extras need to be added.

Advantages of this new method

The first iteration has ended and the reactions of the users of Booking Experts about the new extensions are very positive. Partly as a result, working in iterations has major advantages ✅

Internally, we are satisfied with this new way of working. There is more discussion about a certain subject and as a result, the team of programmers can work towards an update facture and more efficient. The speed of development is also increasing, because programmers dive into one subject lomnger and deeper. As they are already deepened, they develop more knowledge and skills on that subject.

New iterations

There are two new iterations coming up; Financial and Search & Book. In the coming weeks we will fully focus on these topics. You will again be able to look forward to the necessary updates in these areas.

We state on our planning board which points are included in the planning. We will share this with our users through our online community.

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